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Jokela Eddie Auction Incorporated

JOKELA AUCTIONS HAS MOVED TO A NEW WEBSITE! www.MidwestAuctions.com/Jokela . . Real Estate Specialists HOME UPCOMING AUCTIONS REAL ESTATE ADVANTAGE AUCTIONS 101 CONTACT US Manage Your Assets As The Leading Auction Company In Northern And Central Minnesota, we conduct all types of auctions, specializing In Real Estate. Over the past 51 years we have sold thousands of auctions of all types including: Estate/Personal Property, Native American & Collectible, Firearms, Farm, Construction Logging Auctions. When we say that we have 60 years auction experience, that is exactly what we mean -- auctioneering has been our only career. The auction method of marketing offers an important tool in your portfolio for managing your important assets. "Auctions work! Auctions create real value with open competitive bidding empowering sellers and buyers alike. At Jokela Auctions, we are dedicated to increasing liquidity, trust and transparency for both buyers and sellers of real estate. We strive to affect better, faster and more economical trading of real property by enabling a direct relationship between buyers and sellers, and reducing the costs, barriers and risks normally associated with property ownership. We believe in people, the power of choice and infinite possibilities for creating value." Randy Jokela. We Have Successfully Employed The Auction Method Of Marketing In Over 8000 Auctions In 9 States! ."We specialize in real estate auctions, selling approximately 95% of all the property that we offer at auction.Today s market conditions for real estate are changing. Twenty-five percent of the value of a non-earning real estate asset is lost when that home or property sits waiting for a buyer. But here s another fact: in 2007, auctions generated $19.2 Billion in gross revenue for real estate. By bringing transparent bidding and terms, along with the highest current market values directly to sellers and buyers of real estate, auction turns non-earning assets into sales, closings and cash", David L. Veo. "We offer a business partnership with our sellers and have very good results. We offer authenticity . . we tell it the way it is, not the way you might want it to be and that type of honesty is getting hard to come by today." Jolene Jokela Veo NEXT UPCOMING AUCTIONS Fri., Nov.. 20th: 11am. Doris Dandr a. Park Rapids, MN 503 Park Ave. N. (Hwy. #71 North 4+ blocks, West side). Selling Real Estate @ 2pm., Nice City Home & Garage, also Auto, Furniture, Antiques/Collectibles, Household, etc. See next weeks ad. Jokela Auctions, Park Rapids, MN. 218-538-6508. www.MidwestAuctions.com/Jokela. Sat., Nov.. 21st: 10am. Orphelia Johnson Estate. Akeley, MN from Int. #34 & #64, go East 1 block, take CR#23 S. 3/10 mi. to Crow Wing Lake Dr., W. to #310. Selling Real Estate @ 1pm., 11th Crow Wing Lake Lot, 100ft. Lakeshore, level elevation, South side & 4 back lots. Also, Vehicle, Boats, ATV, Furniture, HH, Antiques, Shop, etc. Jokela Auctions, Park Rapids, MN. 218-538-6508. www.MidwestAuctions.com/Jokela. Sun., Nov.. 22nd: 11am. Native American Artifacts. Park Rapids, MN Eagles Club. Selling Native American & Alaskan Artifacts, Collector Firearms, Beadwork, Jewelry, Prints, Cowboy related, Coins & more. Jokela Auctions, Park Rapids, MN. 218-538-6508. www.MidwestAuctions.com/Jokela. POSTPONED Sat., Nov.. 28th: 10am. Heartland Family Ford. Park Rapids, MN Hwy. #71 South. Large Indoor Auction. Shop Equipment, Like New Construction Scissor Lift, Vehicles, Tools, Office Furniture, Excellent Comm l Kubota Mowers, 2005 Harley Davidson, Golf Cart, Larson Runabout, ATV, much more. Jokela Auctions, Park Rapids, MN. 218-538-6508. www.MidwestAuctions.com/Jokela. 2008 Minnesota State Champion Auctioneer Jolene Jokela Veo . . .. . Jokela Veo, competing against the top men and women auctioneers in the state, was chosen as the Minnesota State Auctioneers Association s state champion, hauling home a trophy of gargantuan proportions. (MORE) . (Accepting the awards are Randy Jokela, Jolene Jokela Veo & David Veo) Jokela Auction Co. of Park Rapids was the recipient of 4 Advertising Awards at the 2008 Minnesota State Auctioneers Conference & Show held in Bloomington this year. The awards are from the following categories: Jokela Auctions has won more National Awards than any other Minnesota auction firm.
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